I’m very excited to announce the release of three new tee shirt designs as part of the rollout of the new Moodgadget Store, powered by Merchline.  The first two designs– for Shigeto and The Young Friends are by me, while the third design was created by Weed‘s frontman Will Anderson (aka Gradfad) under some art direction by myself and label boss/series curator, Jakub Alexander.  This is the first time I’ve created tee shirts intended to function as fashion items more than merch or wearable ad collateral, we painstakingly considered an endless combination of fabrics and inks, pushing ourselves and each other to take the design even further.  While I’ve been doing tee design for years, I’d never done it at this level, where we consider our competition to be the $80 shirts hanging in Soho, not Brooklyn.  With more designs on the way– Tees, Physical Releases and yes, even Prints, The Moodgadget Store is one spot you’ll want to keep your eye on if you dig my design work.