So I joined the Facebook group for BOOOOOOM, a very cool, very active design community.  At first I thought these guys were just another attempt at FFFFOUND (mostly b/c of the name), but I soon found out that this place is much more, it’s an ongoing online periodical that caters to the very same readers from whence it draws its content.  (YES!  I just used whence in a sentence).  They offer regular design “projects” that you can post your results, the most recent one was to redesign a magazine cover.  I need to get on it and do one of them soon.

Anyway, they send regular updates, and today’s was worth dispersing on my own blog.  Jeff Hamada compiled a list of 17 creative websites everyone should have bookmarked.  Some of them are familiar faces, like Grain Edit, others are brand new to these eyes, like Ventilate and Human Resources…but each one has it’s own unique reason for being there.  Translation: prepare for your bookmarks and/or RSS readers to get FAT.

Need I say more?  Go check it out and get lost in Designblogland.