Shelby White has been one of my favorite creatives and colleagues since we first connected online nearly 5 years ago looking to exchange links for our respective blogrolls. Since that time, both he and I have worked hard to hone our respective skillset, collaborating often, throwing ideas and concepts back and forth, and constantly exchanging feedback. Last week, he asked me to be a guest on his pseudo-weekly design-focused podcast, which I have been following all year. I was honored to participate, and I look forward to seeing how the show will evolve and change as he continues to bring in perspectives of highly-respected designers and creatives from around the community. In this episode of the podcast, Shelby and I talk about everything from skeuomorphism in interface design to the implications of technologies like Google Glass on things like personal privacy, conspiracy theories abound. Check it out, hopefully it will provoke some interesting thoughts!

You can follow the Shelby White podcast on YouTube and iTunes. If you are not aware of Shelby’s other sites, you should be, especially if you are a designer. I recommend bookmarking his sites Designspiration, Mac Spoilers, and the Wanken Blog for a constant stream of fresh worthwhile information.